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As far back as 1990, we began to distribute our car hifi accessories exclusively to specialty retailers. Our delivery spectrum includes radio covers, car radio connection wires, loud speaker inserts, reverse driving cameras and many others.

Boasting more than 9,000 square meters of storage space and a product portfolio comprising more than 5,000 different items, we are one of the most competent and diverse suppliers on the German market.

Our in-house development and production enable us to respond quickly whenever new vehicle models are launched and technical innovations are implemented. Our portfolio is expanded weekly so that you will be able to always offer your customers the latest solutions. To gain an overview of our products, please visit the acv online store and browse through our catalog, which boasts more than 600 pages.

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Verpacken von fahrzeugspezifischen Radioblenden

A vast selection

Our portfolio comprises more than 5,000 different car hifi products.

The latest models

We add new products every week – including solutions for the latest automotive model launches.


We do not impose minimum order values. Shipping within Germany is free for orders totaling EUR 125 and up.


Our technical support will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. » contact.

Leonidas Vangelis

Logistic & Customs

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Immanual Kalenberg

Logistic & Customs

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Thomas Kunz

Sales / Head of techn. Support

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Michael Küsters

Sales / techn. Support

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Andy Linz

Sales / techn. Support

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Ramona Wego


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Andreas Willems

Sales / techn. Support

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Leon Vangelis
Sales / Export

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Anne Cathrin Klüh
Sales / Export

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