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More than 31 years of experience in the business

As an enterprise that has been specializing in technical car accessories for decades, we offer product development services for custom tailored, individual solutions in compliance with client specifications based on OEM standards as well as standardized products for the aftermarket. Established more than 31 years ago as a supplier of automotive hifi accessories, we have evolved into a vendor of vehicle specific product solutions that does business around the globe.

Our team of more than 70 employees works at our business seat in Erkelenz, a town located in the industrial center that comprises Düsseldorf, Cologne and Aachen. Our key advantages: The entire team works in close proximity, our customers and vendors work with dedicated affiliates, your requests and specifications are implemented expeditiously and we provide excellent, uncomplicated support services.

We hold a certificate for the disciplines of development, production and distribution of car hifi/interior accessories from the TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH.

ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

acv – evolve to create.

Every day, our team works passionately to develop new, agile solutions for the automotive industry. Moving our customers forward and the expeditious development of high quality, market-ready results – that’s our mission. However, our focus is not limited to the development of customer solutions.

To ensure that we can meet our own exacting standards also going forward, it is always important to us to consistently advance our own evolution. We constantly improve our performance capacities – either through advanced training programs or through the improvement and expansion of our technical capabilities. We never stand still because we always want more. That’s what drives us: acv – evolve to create.

Automotive Industry Solutions

Our name is synonymous with high quality, dependable and flexible solutions in the car-hifi accessories industry. We distinguish between three business divisions:

acv OEM

As a system supplier, we develop vehicle specific product solutions in compliance with pertinent OEM standards. Our clientele includes automakers as well as suppliers and manufacturers of automotive accessories.

acv After-Market

We have been distributing car-hifi accessories to automakers and specialty retailers for more than 25 years. Our assortment, which is sold through our catalog and online store, comprises more than 5,000 products.


We have established ourselves as an expert for inductive charging in cars through our Inbay brand. Among other products, Inbay comprises vehicle specific installations for wireless charging in compliance with the Qi Standard.

Our business units


Car-hifi accessories have been the focus of our daily work for more than 25 years. We are always up-to-date.

evolve to create.

We also continuously evolve to be able to create the very best, high quality solutions with state-of-the-art technology for our customers.

A perfectly aligned team

Not only is our team of 70 employees operating perfect together – all of its members are enthusiastically committed and enjoy being pioneers who develop technical innovations.

Product development

We develop own products for the aftermarket as well as customer specific solutions (OEM products) – all in-house at our corporate headquarters in Erkelenz, Germany.

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