acv | company history and managing directors

acv was established more than 31 years ago; specifically in 1990 – by Georg Hollendung and Herbert Kasper. It all began with the sale of car radios (DIN-devices). Accessories, adapters, radio covers and cable sets were quickly added to the portfolio. When the warehouse and office space in Mönchengladbach began to burst at the seams, we built a new corporate building based on our own specifications in 1999. However, the demand for our products sold through our catalog and an online store, rose so quickly that our new warehousing operations eventually were too small and we had to add on to our storage space in 2003 as well as 2007.

When Thomas Landmesser joined the company in 2009, we expanded. We added the development and manufacturing of in-house products to our car-hifi-accessories range. The demand for tailor made, vehicle specific solutions exploded and as a consequence, we have a team of more than 6 employees working in product development. After all, products should not get stuck in the idea or drafting phase. Hence, we acquired a comprehensive fleet of machines for the manufacturing of both, prototypes and series products.

Today, our specialty retail sales and the development of customer specific solutions based on OEM standards work hand in hand.

Since the beginning of 2019 Axel Schürings is the new CEO and Head of Sales of acv.

Key milestones

  • 1990: Georg Hollendung and Herbert Kasper establish the company in Mönchengladbach

  • 1999: Construction of our new facility in Erkelenz

  • 2003: Expansion of our warehouse

  • 2007: Expansion of our warehouse and office space

  • 2009: Thomas Landmesser joins the company; start of our in-house development department, including prototype and pre-series manufacturing facilities

  • 2012: Expansion of the sample and pre-series assembly department by sheet metal manufacturing and a milling center

  • 2014: Development of the Inbay brand

  • 2019: Georg Hollendung leaves the company

  • 2019: New CEO Axel Schürings

  • Consistent advancement of our know-how and machine park

acv | management board

Thomas Landmesser (General Manager | CTO)

Thomas Landmesser brought with him years of experience gained in a company that does business around the globe when he joined acv. In his previous position, he was responsible for the development and qualification of machines for the international market.

Having studied machine engineering (majoring in product development), he is in charge of the development of innovative, customer specific solutions at acv.


Phone: +49 (0)2431-9645-11

Axel Schürings

Axel Schürings (General Manager | CEO)

Since the beginning of 2019 Axel Schürings is CEO of acv.

With more than 23 years working for BMW (technical and commercial), he has great knowledge about the automotive industry.


Phone: +49 (0)2431-9645-64

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