Outstanding reception is not the only key quality factor for an antenna. Its visual appearance also plays an important role for consumers. We develop and manufacture antennas as well as compatible accessories for both, specialty retailers and customer specific OEM standards based applications.

  • Long rod antennas
  • Short rod antennas / sports antennas
  • Antenna adapters
  • Antenna connectors and cable sets
CAD Zeichnung OEM Kurzstabantenne
Kurzstabantenne Sport MINI
Kurzstabantenne Sport BMW

Model project:

OEM approved sports antenna for BMW and MINI




Development of a premium quality short rod antenna while maintaining the positive properties of a regular length antenna rod.

We developed a special copper extension to preserve the length of the copper wire in the antenna housing within the specifications of a normal length antenna rod.

Perfect reception despite the extremely reduced rod size; attractive design and high practical benefits make our short rod exemplary.

Other examples from our production

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