acv is the exclusive distributor for Metra® Electronics in Europe!

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Metra Electronics®.
Since the beginning of the year, we have taken on the role of the exclusive distributor for the European market.

Metra Electronics® is a US company specialising in 12V installation and integration technologies.
With the largest range of Dash Kits worldwide, Metra actively listens to its customers’ feedback and continuously invests in the development of new technologies.

You can learn more about Metra® at:

You can order directly through our acv shop.
To the acv Metra® Shop

Currently, we have over 160 products in stock and will continue to expand our inventory.

Upon request, it is also possible to order additional Metra products through us.
For further information about the partnership and our Metra® programme, you can contact our support at

We look forward to a successful collaboration with the aim of offering you, our customers, the best products on the market.

With kind regards,
Your acv team.